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Get a Reliable Weighing System

If you operate a grocery store or vegetable stand selling goods by weight, you need an accurate instrument that lets you know how much you are selling. Rely on a scale from A.S.A.P. Business Systems, Inc. that provides precise measurement for your business and your customers.

Weigh your important products

  • Fish and seafood

  • Meats and cheeses

  • Vegetables, fruit, nuts

  • Farm items

  • Deli and baked goods

  • Coffee, tea, candy

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Ensure proper weights and measures

Depend on our knowledgeable staff to select, install and accurately calibrate your scale. We have products for all businesses including PB Series portable bench scales, and the LP-1000N, PD-II and S2000jr price computing product. You'll be sure to have the exact scale your business needs.

Get outstanding customer service in person or right away over the phone.

Call now for competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Did you know that your scale can be hooked up to your existing cash register or point-of-sale (POS) system? Allow us to install your new scale and do all of the necessary calibrations.

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